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Nièvre Habitat - 14 council flats


Promotional material designed and realised by Nièvre Habitat and graciously made available to the architect.
Duration 10:34


The project is broken into three segments to accommodate a scheme rather large for the area, allowing us to manage its scale in a fragmented way to fit in the neighbourhood.

The architecture refers to an existing typology in the town of Fourchambault : the typical large square house dating from the late nineteenth / early twentieth century, often seen in the less dense urban area (post-office, hotel, houses opposite the church ... )

Here the two main volumes of the apartment building are rectangular with four-sided roofs resembling the type described above. They are connected by a central articulation, more flexible.

This linkage ensures that the transition between the two volumes can manage the common areas (stairs, elevator) and balconies / terraces of the building. It is composed of open volumes compared to the rectangular volumes of the housing. It is a junction which softens the treatment of angles. It is characterized by the presence of balconies / terraces in its centre and provides a visible human activity, where architecture has often confined space in an imposing and remote way (curtains, walls, colonnades, porticoes ...)

The flats see the sun on two sides.

The adopted approach is the internal deletion of corridors to the benefit of more generous areas for lounges and kitchens. One therefore enters directly into the living room. Living rooms are about 25 m2 and kitchens 12 m2.