Eric Arsenault Architecture

Nevers atelier professionnel

Professional workshop

  • Localisation : Nevers (58)
  • Program : car workshop front rehabilitation
  • Project type : restructuration
  • Cost : 676 000 € excl. VAT
  • Client : Conseil Régional de Bourgogne
  • Work duration : 2 months
  • Delivered: 2007
  • Photos : Christophe Deschanel

The workshop main facade overlooks a major street leading to Nevers School of Communication.

This facade although enjoying a strip of high windows, remained completely closed to the public space.

The project was to open the workshop front panels to the outside and enable people to see the activities from the public area, like a car dealership. The business is not hidden but enhanced by large glass bay windows.

The facade being west oriented, it is subject to overheating and this has been dealt with by the installation of large horizontal sun breakers overlooking the bay windows. The view and the intake of natural light are preserved. In the summer the sun is stopped at the foot of the facade and in the winter it partially penetrates the workshop.