Eric Arsenault Architecture

Cosne sur Loire 30 logements

30 individual houses

  • Localisation : Cosne sur Loire (58)
  • Project type : new build
  • Surface : 2 150 m2
  • Cost : 3 800 000 € excl. VAT
  • Client : Nièvre Habitat
  • Delivered: competition 2015
  • Photos : Julien Bruno-Mattiet

The proposed houses are joined in length, well integrated into the slope, on a plot halfway between the town and the countryside.


Planning includes:

  • a street through the plot connecting the main south and north roads,
  • a central area playing the role of a public garden,
  • a pedestrian path through the central garden,
  • the inclusion of plant and mineral surfaces (hedges of local species, trees, scenic swales, paving stones, concrete floor, lawns ...)
  • the mixed use of the long south strip of land with both parking (13 spaces) and 3 houses with patio offers several advantages:
    • urban continuity from the Colonel Rabier street to the south (to avoid the reclusive neighbourhood effect),
    • thanks to the 3 houses positioned on this strip, we get free land for the central garden,
    • a balanced distribution of parking spaces (1 of the 5 parking areas throughout the project).
Architectural aspects

The project reflects the heritage from the past. Whilst relating to the past, it uses tailored contemporary solutions. The project is based on a fine execution with simple materials.

  • living rooms are always facing the gardens with beautiful sunny bay windows,
  • no vis-à-vis between houses,
  • attic with gable roof for all houses, a real thermal comfort for the bungalows (ventilated attics shielding direct sunlight),
  • gable roof on garage with an opportunity to use the space for storage (mezzanine possible, no industrial A-frame),
  • wooden pergolas for solar protection,
  • natural lighting in all spaces including halls and corridors,
  • architectural bonuses for interior spaces:
    • higher living room ceiling for 4-room houses (2.80m) with bay window accordingly designed,
    • empty space above the entrance for the duplex 3-room houses,
    • 3m wide bay windows for each house + a pergola,
    • semi-open kitchen,
  • 32 visitor parking spaces (plus two spaces per house) distributed in 5 different areas of the project with a real proximity for all the houses,
  • fruit tree planted in each garden.