Eric Arsenault Architecture

Marzy maison piscine

Extension with indoor swimming pool

  • Localisation : Marzy (58)
  • Program : indoor pool, bathroom, outdoor facilities (pond, patio, pergola)
  • Project type : extension
  • Surface : 120 m2
  • Cost : 85 000 € excl. VAT
  • Client : private
  • Work duration : 6 months
  • Delivered: 2009
  • Photos : Christophe Deschanel

The project involves the creation of an indoor swimming pool, as an extension to an existing house. The project is located on the south side and away from the road. It opens onto fields and the sun.

Outside, the volumetric aspect is a reminder of the house: a rectangular volume under a roof with two slopes.

However, the openings and the façade treatment show the new function given by the pool: on the south-east gable a wide and high bay window opens onto the landscape while on the south-west façade, vertical slits filter the sun.

A metal arbour with stretched canvasses protects the terrace and the brick-built extension is sharply characterized.

Inside, an arched steel structure, made to measure, emphasizes the volume.

The identity of the project lies in the tension between a classical volume and the solution adopted. The same approach is found in the activity room of Beffes.

This project was presented at the "last exhibition" of Jancyr (November 2009). I wanted to present the smallest of my current projects and I wrote on this occasion an accompanying text: "What one gives? "