Eric Arsenault Architecture

01 La Charite sur Loire loft


  • Localisation : La Charité sur Loire (58)
  • Program : workshop, garage, kitchen, living room, 3 bedrooms
  • Project type : restructuration
  • Surface : 290 m2
  • Cost : 114 000 € excl. VAT
  • Client : private
  • Work duration : 5 months
  • Delivered: 2010

Creating a home in an old tyre warehouse. The project takes advantage of the location by enhancing the industrial structure whilst distributing large volumes.

The demolition of a floor above the entrance allows the creation of an open space on two levels allowing a visual relationship between different parts of the house. This distribution space is complemented by a glass roof and a custom made metal staircase.

To benefit from a direct view of the Loire, the living quarters are located upstairs where existing horizontal openings are widened. The ground floor hosts a workshop and a garage.

The outside is virtually unchanged and the front modifications follow the constructive logic of the existing building (glass blocks, horizontal windows, large sliding door of garage, grey tones ...)