Eric Arsenault Architecture

01 Nevers cafeteria MCNN

Cafeteria Acte II Scène 4

  • Localisation : Nevers (58)
  • Program : redevelopment of a cafeteria / brasserie
  • Project type : restructuration
  • Surface : 200 m2
  • Cost : 122 000 € excl. VAT
  • Client : Maison de la Culture de Nevers et de la Nièvre
  • Work duration : 4 months
  • Delivered: 2005
  • Photos : Christophe Deschanel

The aim was to arrange a new space for light meals, open to the public, artists and outside customers, in place of the old cafeteria.

In the great concrete hall of the Maison de la Culture (Malraux years) the proposal is that of a wooden box (a surprise box) open on one side (towards the hall), and whose orange colour contrasts with the surrounding white and empty space.

"Act II Scene 4" offers the staging of customers on wooden boards as if they were actors in a play. They are perceived as such from the hall.


The lattice structure of the former cafeteria is re-used to hang the ceiling of the wooden box.

Curtains adorn the existing glazed façade to create a backdrop and a warm atmosphere and also to reconstruct the space and enclose the night in particular.

Benches and tables are drawn in the line of space thus created.